Meet our team of insurance specialists

Brian Bradley About Us

Meet our team of insurance specialists

Our Mission

We founded Covenant Insurance Services in 2016 with two simple goals: to give our clients the personal attention they deserve while simplifying the insurance process through a trusted advisor relationship, honest options, and superior service.

Today there are more options than ever to access insurance providers but having more choices has also made it harder to know which option might be best for your individual needs. That’s where we come in! By leveraging our expertise, relationships with industry-leading vendors, and technology we help to make the process simple again. Whether you need protection for your auto, home, business or financial needs, we shop the nation’s top insurance carriers to give you real options with the relationship you want, so that you never have to break up with your insurance advisor again.

For us, insurance is more than just a transaction, it’s a covenant. We believe that how we treat each other matters and take our commitment to our clients and our community seriously. As a valued client we offer you the personal attention you want while working hard to find the best value for the dollars you spend. At Covenant you are part of a family, not just a number.

States that we operate in

  • Nebraska
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • Kansas
  • North Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Texas
Minnesota Iowa Nebraska North Carolina Georgia Texas Kansas
Brian Bradley Headshot

Brian Bradley

Founder & Co-Owner

Brian began his insurance career after a few years in the non-profit world and it’s always been his passion to serve people and his local community no matter what profession he is in.


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Stan Headshot

Stan Gatchenko

Founder & Co-Owner

Stan prioritizes building a trusting relationship with his clients, making sure to meet them where their needs are. As the son of Russian immigrants, Stan is very involved in the Russian Community and speaks fluent Russian and Ukrainian.


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Covenant Insurance - Oksana Solokhin

Oksana Solokhin

Licensed CSR/Client Experience Manager

Oksana started her insurance career shortly after moving to Nebraska as a newlywed 2021.  After a short stop with another company she joined the Covenant team as the Client Experience Manager and Licensed CSR that same year.  

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Ryan Earl with Covenant Insurance Services

Ryan Earl


Ryan has been licensed since 2019 and he focuses on helping individuals, businesses, and non-profits streamline their risk and insurance.


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Frequently asked questions about insurance

What is an independent insurance agency?

An independent insurance agency is an agency that can write multiple carriers. Instead of just being able to offer one company's rates and coverages, we can shop your policies around to many different insurance companies (such as Nationwide, Progressive and American Modern) to ensure that you get the best coverage and the best rates.

Why did my rates go up?

Your rates may have gone up for a number of reasons. If you've recently been in an accident, added new drivers, or gotten a new car, your rates may change. If none of these happened, it's possible that something in your area has caused the insurance company to adjust rates. Luckily, as an independent agency, we can help you assess and re-market your policies when needed. You're not tied into one carrier — we can help you get an insurance policy with many different carriers!

Why is my home insured for more than it is worth?

If your home is worth say $300,000, it will take more than $300,000 to replace in the case of a fire, flood, or other disaster. If you were to lose your house in a fire, the cost to rebuild the house, replace all the furniture or anything else lost within the house would cost more than just the value of the home. The additional coverage is to pay a contracting crew, waste removal crew, adjusters, etc. so that when disaster strikes, it doesn't also strike your budget. 

What is umbrella insurance?

No, it's not just insurance for Umbrellas. Umbrella insurance is a "catch-all" additional policy that you can add onto an existing personal or commercial policy to increase your liability limits. Sometimes, the maximum liability limits you can take out on a policy will not cover your risks. For example, if you have a pool on your property, it is likely worthwhile to purchase umbrella insurance for your homeowner's policy. Injuries that can happen in a pool could cost thousands of dollars in medical costs, so make sure your insurance limits can cover all that you need. 

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